Being a quality driven company, we stand on the grounds of quality and reliability. Through unprecedented involvement in every step of the manufacturing process, we have tried to attain international standards for our products. Quality is our corporate mantra - beginning with the procurement of materials to the last stage of manufacturing. Stringent quality control measures ensure flawless production.
The orientation of an organization toward serving its clients' needs. Having a customer focus is usually a strong contributor to the overall success of a business and involves ensuring that all aspects of the company put its customers' satisfaction first.
Timely Delivery Assurance
We understand that to meet client’s satisfaction level, not only product quality but timely delivery also play a vital role, as timely delivery of product ensure that our clients meets the commitments made to ensure. Hence, we have the capability to deliver our products at the required destination within the stipulated time frame.



Welcome to Bahubali Marbles and Granites (BMG). BMG is one of the leading marble manufacturer company and retails a complete range of Marbles, Granites, Sandstone, Limestone, Pebble, Cobbles, Mosaics, Semi-Precious Stones, Quartizite, with excellent quality in India and outside India and you have landed yourself to one of the top marble companies in india to supply best quality of marble and Granites.

Bahubali Marbles and Granites is an exporter and wholesale distributor of the finest quality of Marble and Granites materials and many more. We are amongst the top indian granite exporters and marble exporters of india. The Company has developed a sound business over the period, and has made every effort to continually improve its corporate and product image by undertaking extensive exploration and testing on all of our mining reserves.

BMG's motto is to provide our customers with 'Quality and Value' in all products we supply by stringent quality control process. Our state of the art facilities, premium polishing and packaging combined with strict quality control has made us the number one choice all over world. We have world class research facilities and innovative minds striving hard to deliver cost effective solutions. We welcome you to be a part of our grand journey and see your dreams through our eyes. We have the largest range of Indian and imported marble, granite stone with maximum experience of cutting and finishing of marble stone. We are one of the biggest marble manufacturer and supplier, best marble suppliers dealers wholesalers in udaipur, Italian Marble dealers, italian marble, italian marble price, italian marble manufacturer, imported marble dealer, marble wholesaler, granite dealer, rajasthan black granite exporter, beige marble dealers in india. Our materials are exported to all over the world. Our large processing units are equipped with cutting edge technologies to bring maximum production in cost effective manner. Our team includes high tech engineers, supervisors and project managers.

We are manufacturer, wholesaler, merchant, dealer, distributor, importer, exporter, stockist, and supplier of every type of Indian marble, Italian marble, imported marble, apple green marble, barcode black, raymond black, statuario marble, wonder marble, Katni marble, onyx block, onyx marble, indian onyx, traventino marble, empareador marble, banswara marble, rajnagar marble, rajnagar white marble, dungri marble, baltic red, chattarpur red, exotic karara brown, chima pink granite, cross line marble, Crystal Yellow, desert gold, p white, platinum white granite, udaipur marble, rosy pink granite, fantasy grey, Franch Green, grafito, grey plain quartzite, ice burg,  aaspur marble, sawar marble, torrento marble, bottachino marble, dyna marble, parleto marble, amba ji marble, agariya marble, green marble, udaipur green marble, forest green marble, spider green marble, rain forest marble, rain forest green mrble, rain forest brown marble, sunny gold marble, jaisalmer marble, italian gold marble, morwad marble, aaspur marble, marble tiles, marble handicraft, marble elephant marble jaali, lavendra black, marble pillars, marble temple, marble slabs, marble block, polished marble, semi precious marble, semi precious marble, merry gold, monto cristo, mercury white, pianzo white, pistachino, polar white, quartzite red quartzite grey, quartzite yellow, raymond wavvy, royal gold, sonal white, granite best price, granite marble, tan brown, black galaxy, kashmiri white granite, white galaxy granite, colonial white granite, colonial gold granite, teakwood sanstone, scorpio, silk grey beige marble , red lavante marble, oman red marble,  milky white marble, black marble, golden pottero marble, silver potello marble, Vietnam white marble, Swiss white marble, indian statuario marble, bidasar marble, lady onyx , pink onyx marble white onyx marble,pink onyx marble, Green onyx marble, salambur onyx marble, stauario marble, crema marfil marble, bianco marfil marble, red alacante marble, burberry black marble, china black marble, sand stone marble, dholpur stone, Kota Stone,  rampura black marble, granite, red granite black granite, torronto, tiger onyx , tiger granite, rubby red granite, pink granite, white granite, kashmir granite, madurai granite, assam green granite,blue pearl granite, black pearl granite, imported granite, china granite, dharmeta marble, quartz marble, quartz stone, lime stone, fire carnivel, cliff finish, antique finish , kota stone, kadappa stone, red mandana stone, grey marble, william grey marble, r black granite,  grey flurry marble, grey chiante marble,  white granite slabs, beige marble slabs, grey marble slabs, yellow granite slabs, black granite slabs ,red granite slabs, brown marble slabs, pink marble slabs, blue marble granite slabs, bottichino fruto marble, bottichino marble, rajasthan black granite, chatarpur red granite, ruby red granite, Lakaha red granite

We believe in gauging the future market trends and bring out the latest designs to you. We believe in making your dream projects come true. We have conceptual designs for individual house, complete township, big hotels, airports, shopping malls, IT centers, showrooms.


Supply of the best materials is always guaranteed, to ensure a timely delivery all over the world.


We Are Professional
are being used in designing or constructing any part of home, school, offices or buildings. Marbles add beauty and luxurious look to any area of home or business. Nevertheless, marble is hard to maintain. You need to clean your marble floors and then polish their surface areas regularly in order to keep them attractive and lovely; otherwise, marble could possible look so dull and unpleasant.
We Are Trusted
Trusting someone requires vulnerability. What I’ve learned, the hard way, is that you can’t allow yourself to be vulnerable with just anyone. People have to earn your trust. I used to just give it away- no prerequisites.
We Are Expert
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